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Why we are here

At St Vincent’s we help families in Leeds out of poverty.

We work with people from across the city from our base in the heart of East Leeds, an area of great deprivation.

We are here to support the people of Leeds and tackle poverty and deprivation. We work with people who are deprived of income, employment, education, social networks and community support to help them build a brighter future.

St Vincent’s gives free and confidential help to give people a hand up and out of poverty. Find out more about how we help.

How much do you know about poverty in Leeds?

Why We Are Here Infographic

The numbers can’t quite demonstrate the true picture of destitution that the St Vincent’s team see every day.

You have to imagine people near you who have had to take out a loan to pay for gas to heat their homes. Parents who have gone hungry for days to feed their children. Elderly couples who have sold their furniture just to get through another day.

We’ve all felt the pinch of rising energy and food costs, but our clients are those who are hit hardest. Every day they are forced to make difficult choices about how to make ends meet. Many feel they have little reason to carry on living.

Take action and change lives in Leeds

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