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All of this work would not have been possible without your support. This year, we met Julie and Abby. Read their stories to find out more.

Julie, a support worker who had given a hamper for a new client, a young single mother, told St Vincent’s:

“I’ve just witnessed a young mum, having found out she has no income until the New Year, arrive destitute with nothing at all for Christmas, she left with presents for her three children and food to last her until the food banks open again. Most importantly she left with a renewed faith in humanity; it’s what Christmas is all about.”

Jack, Debt Advice Administrator at St Vincent’s, shares his experience of providing a food hamper to one of the team’s clients:

“I dropped a food hamper for Abby*, a single mum living locally. She has been receiving help with her debts from St Vincent’s and also moral support and guidance to help her stay in her home as this was at risk due to losing job and not making mortgage payments. With support through our Work Club, Abby has got a job at a national chain store in Leeds and is now able to start sorting out her debts. We were able to provide Abby and her 11 year old son with a food hamper and gifts for her son to make sure they were able to enjoy the Christmas period”

Abby wrote to St Vincent’s “…thank you  for helping make our Christmas more special… we’re now able to spend Christmas at home together, me and my son”


*All names and personal details have been changed to protect anonymity.