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“After retiring from a busy cardiac unit nearly nine years ago I had ups and very low downs plus poor health.”

After being very valued (and busy at work) by young and not so young I just felt useless. I just longed to be part of a community but unfortunately not accepted and I am not able to push in as an individual on my own. My answer came when I joined St Vincent’s in York Road! I was hardly an hour in the place when I began to feel like me again! I so look forward to my Thursdays. I have something new to learn every week, Such fun!!

Everyone so helpful and the staff always have a pleasant word or greeting. I am exhausted when I get home but it’s a great feeling to be useful again! It means a lot. My only regret is I did not know St Vincent’s was there for me before now. I feel I wasted time trying when I had more energy. Thanks again for the happy months I have been with such a group working for the local community.”

Maura, shop volunteer.